While the attorneys and the firm name have changed over the years, Sharit, Bunn & Chilton’s Winter Haven lineage extends back more than 75 years.  Over those years the attorneys practicing with the firm and its predecessors have played a role in many significant events in the history of Winter Haven and the surrounding communities.  The firm’s offices are located in the historic Realty Commerce Building which is conveniently located on Sixth Street in downtown Winter Haven.

The lawyers in the firm have more than a century of combined legal experience assisting clients with the wide range of legal issues Polk County’s residents and businesses encounter. The firm is proud to have many long term client relationships which we believe is a result of each attorney’s dedication to quality, understanding of their client’s needs and the law.  The attorneys maintain strong community ties and are committed to the pursuit of excellence.  They understand the importance of communications with clients and demonstrate the strictest personal and professional ethics.

SBC_2016_0057While the seeming trend among law firms is to focus on a narrow range of legal service areas such as personal injury and wrongful death, Sharit, Bunn & Chilton prides itself in being a traditional, multi-practice firm which years of experience has proven to be beneficial to our clients.  While it is becoming increasingly rare among law firms, this full service approach allows us to better serve the various needs of each client.  Our lawyers represent a wide range of practice areas, enabling the firm to provide comprehensive legal services to each client.   With their diverse backgrounds, areas of practice and expertise, and experience, each of the attorneys offers a unique and distinctive perspective.  Because many legal matters involve issues which cross distinct practice area lines – for example, the dissolution of a marriage often involves real estate and estate planning issues – this diversity provides significant benefits in that each of the attorneys may call on the others within the firm when need arises.

We utilize and are constantly investigating innovations in technology and other cost-saving methods in an effort to provide legal services which are efficient, timely and client-oriented.  Implementation and use of technological changes and devices occur only after a thoughtful determination is made that client information and confidences will not be compromised as a result.