After weddings and the birth of children, most people rank the purchase of their first home as one of the most significant events of their lives.  The closing is the point in the process where, after searching and then finding the right home in the right place and at the right price, the money is exchanged for the keys, the garage door opener and the deed.  In most cases there has been a huge investment of time and emotion before the closing day arrives on which the buyer makes what could the biggest financial investment of his or her life time.

The best kinds of closings are the ones where the buyers and sellers are smiling at the beginning and at the end; where in between the coming and going stories are told of the children who were raised in the house and those that will be; where the seller learns for certain that their home is going to be cared for and lived in the way they would want it to be.

The best kinds of closings don’t just happen.  They only occur when a diligent and hardworking closing agent knows what needs to be done and when, and then takes the actions necessary to assure that they are done.  While the seller and the buyer are packing up and otherwise preparing for their moves, the closing agent is communicating and dealing with real estate brokers, lenders, homeowners’ associations and title insurers in order to gather and disseminate all the information that is essential to get the process to the point of closing.  The best kinds of closing only occur when there are good communications between the closing agent and the various parties.

The firm is fortunate to have a skilled and informed staff composed of people who pride themselves on working hard to help assure that the closings that take place in our office are the best kinds of closings.  While an attorney supervises the process, it is largely staff driven.  When the firm is not engaged to represent a party to the transaction all that is charged is a closing fee; not an attorney’s fee.

The firm is an agent of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and has adopted and adheres to Best Practices recommended by the American Land Title Association which provide for security measures to protect Non-public Personal Information and which includes the use of secure, encrypted email.  The firm is an approved closing agent for most lenders.