While Native Americans had taken up residence long before, Juan Ponce de León is credited with the European discovery of Florida in 1513, and it could be said that Florida’s real estate has been popular ever since.  The high demand for this limited commodity, combined with a desire to preserve resources and control what goes on where, has led Florida to regulate land uses and the development of land to an extent greater than most other states.

Bob Stambaugh, Real EstateFlorida real estate law is a wide and varied area of practice.  The firm’s land owner clients include owners of single family homes embroiled in disputes with neighbors; owners of thousands of acres who farm, operate mitigation banks or have granted conservation easements; developers who are working their way through the regulatory maze; and those who have implemented their development plan, constructed the infrastructure and are in the process of selling their product to those who, like so many before and after Ponce de León, want their place in the Florida sun.

Whether your issue involves a single family home or 10,000 acres, the firm is available to assist.