Our business is understanding yours.

The firm provides counsel to businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to large corporations.  For those who are just starting a business, questions as basic as which form of entity to use need to be answered and the firm provides counsel as to the whether it should be a corporation, limited liability company or partnership.  Start up and established businesses alike have issues that arise – be they related to management or operations, or questions relating to compliance with statutory or regulatory requirements – and the firm stands ready to assist.

Winter Haven and Polk County are similar to the United States as a whole in that most of its businesses are small businesses.  The life of a successful small business begins with an idea leading to formation and, in the most successful of cases, survival beyond the working life of the founder with the sale of the business or its transition to the next generation; providing the founder with resources upon which to draw during retirement.  The firm has significant experience assisting business owners through all of the stages of the business’s life.